Stream Ads Display to help boost brand image and reach of our partners by means of capturing audience attention with interactive ads. 


Featuring Static Logo in  game live streaming

Static Brand Logo is the motionless icon placed in easily noticeable area of the game live stream. By placing the Static Brand Logo, audience can easily recognize the brand since Brand Logo is being shown the whole of the live stream uninterruptedly.


Featuring Animated logo in  game live streaming

Animated Brand Logo is the same concept as its Static counterpart but it is more eye catching to the audience the same way people prefer motion picture over photograph. We also offer our service to create your Brand Logo into Animated Logo.


Featuring Products in  game live streaming

Featuring products in game live streaming is another effective way to boost brand recognition. Our charming talents can feature products by using them while streaming or explaining about products in between games to the audience.


Crawler Ads 

Crawlers ads are graphic banners which can be displayed at the bottom of the streaming window. Audience can be fed detailed information about products by means of scrolling text running from right to left across the crawler space.


pre-roll Ads

Pre-roll video ads are pre created cut scenes of 15 s to 1 min time span which can be displayed in between each game where the audience attention is the highest. We can insert pre-roll video ads 2 to 3 time in each live stream.