With the network of more than 200 influencers in Esports Industry, we are here to help grow your brand.

By aligning brand objectives, we create/develop campaign strategies with innovative ideas which will maximize your brand awareness at most effective cost.

Providing a wide range of influencer management services, we are able to handle all aspects of your campaign - From providing unique campaign ideas, selecting the right influencer for the campaign, keeping the campaign on budget and guidelines, executing the plan to become a successful campaign to analyzing results.

360 Gaming influencer management services

Help establishing the essence of your brand objectives and campaigns.

We can guarantee to place most suitable and effective influencer(s) by using our knowledge and experience in Esports industry.

We will arrange to keep the campaign on budget with right influencer(s) at most effective cost

We will help with follow-up activities including analysis and report after campaign.

We will coordinate all of the legalities of the partnership, including contracts and invoices

We will ensure the campaign runs smoothly from start to finish. Specifically making sure that deliverables are done on time and meet the requirements of the brief.

We will work with your brand and the influencer(s) to deliver a detailed brief and ensure not to miss a single point of detail.

We will execute and deal with influencer related communication and arrangement. This will help your business to gain much advantage by saving time to deal with multiple influencers which can be pretty time consuming