Digital Work Life


How We Start

Everyone wants to be part of a bigger picture. We also do. Since Esports is a rapidly growing industry in Asia, we decided to start our venture in Esports as a marketing channel. The question is: what exactly does a marketing channel do? A marketing channel works as a platform among Brands, the community and the audience. We, a group of youths who just love Esports and want to contribute to the scene, believe that we will be able to make a significant difference. 

Who We Are

Team AURA was born by a passionate band of youths, with Esports working experience, who are committed to do what they love most. AURA will grow and move forward with the power of youth and passion. 

Things We Value

How do we define the power of youth and passion? Well, we define it as Aura because it flows in our veins and radiates in all directions.

The Yellow AURA is dedicated to Creativity. Of course, we absolutely love to create new things and explore immense opportunities for Esports scene and its community.

The Blue AURA is dedicated to Trust. Bonds need to be built with trust, and we would like to build strong ones among our partners, the community, the audience, and us.

The Red AURA is dedicated to Passion. Not only we are vigorous and energetic youths, but what we are doing is the thing we adore and dream about. We are very much determined to make our dreams come true.

The Green AURA is dedicated to Growth. We would like to create things, we would like to make our dreams come true, and we would like to achieve our goals and grow together with our trusted partners.